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Whamisa – the Korean Skincare Brand Everyone is Talking About.

whamisa organic korean beautyI have to admit that I am a skincare addict. While I can really downsize on other things, like make-up and hair products, I seem to be really obsessed when it comes to discovering new skincare products. Although, I have to say that I always try to use up any current skincare products before I purchase anything new. It’s all about sustainability and I just like to practice what I preach. Continue Reading

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February Favourites.

february favouritesI have a feeling as if I just wrote about my January favourites and here we are again with another monthly favourites. Once more I want to say how glad I am that this month is over, however at the same time I don’t like wishing time away. I just can’t wait for spring, okay? Continue Reading

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January Favourites.

january favoritesCan we just pause for a moment and be thankful for January to be over? Let’s just all have a virtual drink for that. I just couldn’t be happier that we are one month closer to Spring!

January was a weird and tough month for me. It feels like every single January is like that for me. I had a good share of ups and downs, but I’m hoping that with the new month and longer days I can wave those bad moments away. I always feel so much better and more motivated in February than I do in January. Continue Reading

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Trilogy Age Proof Active Enzyme Cleansing Cream.

Trilogy Active Enzyme CleanserAs many of you know by now, I love facial cleansers. All kinds of them, apart from the foaming ones as they really dry my skin out. I love creams, balms, oils, you name it. There are so many options to choose from nowadays that it’s hard to pick just one. That’s why I usually have two, one for the morning and one for the evening. Having combination skin also means that I need to wash my face twice a day or else I end up with ultra shiny forehead and nose and dried out cheeks. Lovely. Continue Reading

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Eminence Organic Skincare.

The thing I like the most about organic beauty industry is that there is always a possibility of finding new and exciting brands almost on a daily basis. One of such brands for me is Eminence Organic Skincare. It actually isn’t a new brand as it was established in 1958 in Hungary, but it is a new discovery for me.

I first heard about it almost a year ago actually but in the midst of all the other things and brands, I just completely forgot about it, until recently when I finally decided to give it a go. Continue Reading