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DIY Body Butter For Silky Smooth Summer Skin.

Body ButterWe are half way through the summer, which does make me a bit sad as this year somehow I am really not looking forward to usually one of my favourite seasons – autumn. When you think about body butter, you immediately associate it with colder seasons, mostly because of its heavier texture. But I find that a little bit of body butter can be a life saviour during summer days. It’s especially useful after summer holidays when your tanned, dried out skin is longing for not only hydration, but also some oil to prevent any more of the moisture loss.

Having tried many body butters in the past, I have to say that DIY ones are by far my favourite ones. Not only do I love the process of actually making it, but also the fact that I use high-quality, but still affordable ingredients. It also lasts forever! Plus, it gives you the softest and smoothest skin in the world! It works wonders when applied on freshly shaved legs. Not only does it soothes the skin after shaving but also gives it that gorgeous sheen. The best part? It smells like chocolate. It always makes me want to eat it.

My DIY body butter is really easy to make and takes almost no time to prepare (apart from the waiting time). I always like to make a big batch, which lasts me around a month and half or sometimes even longer if I don’t use it every single day.

Body Butter

DIY Body Butter

01. Melt all the ingredients in a double boiler over medium heat, stirring constantly until all the ingredients are melted.

02. Carefully transfer the bowl to a fridge or freezer (rememeber to wear oven mitts!) and leave until it sets. It will take a couple of hours in the fridge and around an hour and a half in the freezer.

03. Once set, slowly start whipping your body butter using electric hand mixer or stand mixer, increasing the speed as it gets softer and starts resembling whipped cream. You want to whip it until it’s light and fluffy. At this stage you can also add few drops of essential oil. Orange or Cinnamon one works best here, but I usually skip it.

04. After you’re done whipping your body butter, transfer it to a clean big jar and close the lid tightly.

Have you ever made your own cosmetics?

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