Walden Perfumes – Perfect Summer Companions.

Walden Perfumes A Different DrummerI have always had a big love for perfumes. Along with music they can really bring back memories. Both good and bad. The thing is, ever since I stopped using conventional cosmetics, I also had to stop using synthetic fragrances. Especially that they would often give me a massive headache anyway. However, back in 2009 natural perfumes were nowhere to be found.

Fast forward few years and brands like Honore Des Pres launch their range of natural fragrances, which becomes very popular. For good reasons of course as it really is a nice range. I especially like their Vamp A NY perfume which is perfect for summer months.

When I heard about LoveLula launching their very own range of natural perfumes, I just couldn’t contain my excitement. With all the other fantastic brands created by them, like BalmBalm, OOH! Oils of Heaven – to name just a few – I knew that their perfume line is going to be something very special.

When it comes to the name it comes from Henry David Thoreau’s seminal work Walden. The book itself is half meditation, half handbook for simple living in natural surroundings. The line consists of 5 scents, all named after snippets from Walden. I mean how clever is that?!

They are all made with the finest natural absolutes, resins and essential oils and nothing else. No phalates or any other synthetic ingredients at all. Here is the whole list of all the 5 scents:

01.      A Little Star-Dust – a sumptuous bouquet of Iris and Jasmine enriched with Amyris and Tonka Bean.

02.     A Different Drummer – a spicy blast of Pepper followed by Cedarwood and Tobacco.

03.     Castles in the Air – a fresh, intoxicating blend of Citrus with hints of Ylang Ylang.

04.     The Solid Earth – Vetiver and Light Patchouli Oil mingle with Petitgrain and Amyris.

05.     Two Eternities – a garland of Forest Flowers including Wild Roses floats above a fresh Citrus base of Bergamot and Sweet Orange Oil.

Before I move into more details, can we talk about their beautiful minimalistic design first? I absolutely love the simple white and black box made specifically to protect the precious fragrance from the sunlight. The perfume itself is in a aesthetically pleasing square glass bottle with a square wooden cap. An absolute joy for the eyes if you ask me.

The one that I chose from the line was A Different Drummer as it sounded like something right up my street. It is exactly what it says on the tin. Spicy, woody goodness. Perfect for all year around and especially for colder months, or when you’re like me and don’t really fancy smelling like a bouquet. You can really smell the spicy Pepper at first, followed by Tobacco and Vanilla. I am in love!

Walden Perfumes A Different Drummer

Normally natural perfumes don’t last really long, especially oil based ones and I am fine with that to be honest. But these ones, being so potent last a very long time. At the same time not being overpowering like the conventional perfumes normally are when by the end of the day you really can’t wait to wash it all off. With these, the scent subtly fades away but still leaves very gentle notes behind.

As I also kindly received samples of the rest of the scents, I have to say that another favourite of mine is Two Eternities. It’s not overly flowery and not overly sweet. It’s very fresh, making it ideal for hot summer days. Sweet Orange Oil is what gives it this delicious sweetness and freshness, while Wild Rose beautifully balances it out.

While they aren’t cheap, I would say they are worth every penny, especially if you love beautiful and unique scents. What I know for sure is that you will not find anything like this anywhere else. Plus, the fact of them being so highly concentrated means that they will last you forever.

Have you tried Walden Natural Perfumes?

Some of these products may have been sent to me for a review. See disclaimer.

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