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January Favourites.

january favoritesCan we just pause for a moment and be thankful for January to be over? Let’s just all have a virtual drink for that. I just couldn’t be happier that we are one month closer to Spring!

January was a weird and tough month for me. It feels like every single January is like that for me. I had a good share of ups and downs, but I’m hoping that with the new month and longer days I can wave those bad moments away. I always feel so much better and more motivated in February than I do in January.

Today I want to share with you my January favourites. Those little things really kept me going throughout that gloomy month. It’s all in the little things, right?

01. Winks by Georgie Faux Lashes No. 9.

Now I know that January is not a very glamorous month and I’m not a false-lash type of girl but these wispy flares are just perfect. Even for everyday use or when you feel like you need extra something to make you feel better. I have a very old version of them which came with the individual ones, but I have to say that I used mostly the flares anyway. They are just more convenient and easier to use, even for such false lash amateur like myself. Adding few of these here and there really made a huge difference, while still looking very natural. Thanks to the fact that the flares come in short and long version you can really customise them to your liking. I used only the shorter ones as my natural lashes are this short too, so they blended in really well.

02. True Glue Lash Adhesive.

I also have been loving True Glue with the flares as it’s the most natural false lash adhesive available on the market. I used to use Georgie one in the past, but it’s not as pure as the True Glue one.

03. Foreo Luna 2.

This is something that was actually on my Christmas list for the whole year of 2016. I used to use Clarisonic in the past, but even with the sensitive brush my skin was breaking out like crazy. It was just too harsh for my sensitive skin. After giving it away I was longing for something as effective but more gentle. I’ve heard about Foreo Luna Cleansing Brush in the past but I have never gave it a second thought to be honest. Especially when it was barely a new thing. Their design wasn’t perfect because of the pretty small area with bristles, so I was glad to see that their latest Luna brush was redesigned. Not only that, but they also created four specialised brush types for different skin types. I am absolutely in love with my Luna as it’s not only really gentle on my skin, but also cleanses my face like nothing else. I also love the fact that you charge it once every 6-7 months. How brilliant is that? The only downside of it is obviously its price. That is why I asked for it for Christmas as otherwise I know I wouldn’t get it myself. However, I have to say that it’s definitely worth every penny.

04. Synergy Natural Super Greens.

Including more greens into my diet is probably the only resolution for me this year as I really don’t like the whole ‘New Year, new me’ thing. However, as we are still in the middle of winter there is not much sustainable and organic choice when it comes to fresh greens. That’s why I have been adding this green goodness powder to all of my smoothies or water (it’s not the best tasting thing with water though). What I did notice after drinking it on a regular basis is clearer skin, more energy and just this positive feeling of getting some greens on a daily basis. I also love the fact that it’s 100% organic.

What were your January favourites?

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