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Clean Cult London & Love Natural Love You Show

EvolveBeautyOn the 10th of July I had an incredible opportunity to be at two events in London. One of them being Love Natural Love You show and the other, Clean Cult London. Amber, Tamara, and I met at Love Natural Love You show first and while there weren’t many brands that we were interested in, three of them actually did catch our attention.

optiatFirst of them being Optiat, which makes the world’s first and only sustainable coffee scrubs. They are made of recycled Arabica coffee that they collect from coffee roaster in London. What’s also great about them is that they make their scrubs in a tin, as opposed to other brands which are usually in paper bags. As you can imagine you can’t really keep these paper bags in your shower, so having it in a tin is a brilliant idea. Plus, it’s not the dry coffee scrub that you need to mix with water first but ready-made exfoliator with Sweet Almond Oil and Vitamin E, and different Essentials Oils.

skinyoga2Another brand that we really liked was, SkinYoga. SkinYoga is a brand created by three very lovely sisters – Radhika, Jagriti and Deepika Choudhary. The products they make are 100% natural with absolutely no preservatives whatsoever. In order to achieve this, their products don’t contain water as once added, there is a need for some kind of preservative. That’s why you create the product yourself at home by adding water to it and applying it right away. This makes it super fresh and potent. Their line consists of masks, facial cleanser, face and body scrubs and foot soaks. I’m yet to try the samples I got from beautiful Radhika and therefore can’t say much more about their products, but what I can say is it that they smell amazing.

SavonStoriesThe last brand, a new discovery for me but not for Amber and Tamara, was Savon Stories. It’s a small family brand created by Moute and her husband Ray, who I had pleasure meeting. They create fantastic range of raw, natural and organic products in one of the cutest packaging I’ve ever seen. They make bar soaps, body and hand washes, and two very interesting products — Shampoo Bar and Lotion Bar. I tried one of the Lotion Bars at their stand and it was incredible. It offers a very unique way of applying body butter, as it’s in a form of a bar (at first I thought it was one of their bar soaps). You basically just glide it on your skin and rub it in. That’s it. So simple and quick. It left my skin super soft thanks to Shea Butter which is great for dry skin.

The next place we headed to was Clean Cult London event at Old Spitafields Market in London. It was the very first well beauty event in London organised by the lovely and beautiful ladies of Call It Vanity and Clean Beauty Co. Even though it was their first event, it definitely didn’t feel like it because it was so well put together. Apart from all the incredible brands, which I will talk about in a moment, there was also a spot to get your mani and make-up done, as well as delicious snacks to nibble on. Plus, a cocktail bar. Not to mention that we all got goody bags filled with fantastic products!

bodhi&birchIslaApothecaryWhen it comes to brands, I not only had a chance to finally meet all the lovely people behind them, but also try and buy some of their products. There was Bodhi & Birch with their line of beautifully scented face and body products, Tabitha James Kraan Hair products, Amly Botanics, Isla Apothecary, Supernatural Beauty, Skin & Tonic, Natural Deodorant Co., Evolve Organic Beauty, and Kure Baazar mani plus Jane Iredale make-up stands. I loved talking to Elijah, who is just a wonderful human being, as well as Tyron and Jenny of Supernatural Beauty, Laurie of The Natural Deodorant Co., plus Mai representing Skin & Tonic.

At the event I only got a small pot of Gentle Deodorant Cream by The Natural Deodorant Co. It’s actually made without baking soda, which my armpits hate. They also offer ones with the baking soda for those who can handle it, but I can already say that I absolutely love this gentle formula. It has moisturising ingredients too so it really cares for that delicate underarm area. Plus, it’s really creamy, which makes it so easy to apply.
The other things that I will be definitely getting soon after trying them out at the event will be Miracle Balm by Supernatural Beauty, Hyaluronic Serum by Evolve Organic Beauty, and one of the scrubs by Isla Apothecary.

NaturalDeodorantCoI have to say that the highlight of the day, though, was meeting all the lovely green beauty bloggers which I’ve been talking to and following for years. It was really nice to finally get a chance to talk face to face with all the beautiful ladies. One of the best Sundays ever if you ask me.

I definitely cannot wait for another Clean Cult event, which I know that it’s already being planned. In the meantime there is another green beauty event taking place this September which I might be attending, called Gorgeously Green Gathering. Definitely worth checking out.

Did you attend any of these events?

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