Winter Skin, Hair & Body Care Essentials.

In the wintertime I always find myself having a particularly dry skin. Heating and cold air are definitely my skin’s enemies. I cannot go a day without slathering on a rather huge amounts of body lotions, oils, lip balms, hand creams, etc. Without them after a day of being outside (especially without gloves) my hands alone become red, itchy, and dry.
My whole body just seems to be affected by the cold winter air, however, I found some great products that definitely help with this seemingly never-ending fight for bashing dry skin.

Many of you probably already know how much I love anything The Body Deli makes and their Ultra Rich Hand & Body Creams have been my favourite for quite a while now. They are very rich and moisturising making them a perfect choice for dry winter months. Shea butter, Cocoa Butter, Jojoba and Avocado Oils, all make your skin feel supple and protect it from drying out throughout the day. My favourite scent for winter months has to be the Amber Vanilla one (I wish A Beautiful World would stock it though *hint hint*). It’s sweet and warm at the same time. The Vanilla gives it the sweet note, but even those who aren’t fans of sweet scents would love it. The Amber here is very subtle, offering an earthy note to it. A very distinct and unique scent that will warm you up even on the coldest days.

Apart from rich body creams, in the winter time you also need good facial moisturisers, and depending on the weather and your skin type, you can either choose a light or rich facial cream. This winter I have two new options that I love to use on a regular basis.
First one, is a light moisturiser by Saison Beauty, appropriately called Winter. It’s a very lightweight moisturiser, but nevertheless it protects the skin from the cold. With its variety of amazing ingredients, including Organic Rosehip, Organic Pumpkin, and Organic Rice Bran, it is a great option for all skin types, especially oily and combination ones. I find that for an extremely cold weather or dry skin it can be not enough, at least for my skin type. So, this is where my other option comes in and it’s the Just Pure Honey Neroli Rich Face Cream, which is just perfect for ultra dry skin or on a very VERY cold, frosty day. As it just recently got colder (where did the winter go this past December?), I’ve been reaching for this one on a daily basis, especially in the morning right before walking my dog. It’s very thick, but still easily absorbed and forms a protective layer on my skin helping it to stay hydrated. When it’s really cold or if I feel like my skin needs it, I would re-apply it few more times. Next time I will definitely be getting a bigger jar of it.
Their other fantastic cream for very dry skin is the Calendula Royal Jelly one.

The last winter essential would be a good, non-drying, gentle shampoo and this winter’s favourite one has been the Maple Holistics Argan Oil Shampoo. With mild surfactants, Argan Oil, and Avocado Oil, it leaves my hair clean, but at the same time silky smooth even before applying conditioner. It’s also gentle on my scalp which tends to get really itchy even when using some natural shampoos. I absolutely love its scent, which is a very subtle vanilla smell. Besides, for its price, you just really can’t go wrong. In the past I also tried their Sage Shampoo to soothe my dandruff, and it was amazing as well. Definitely helped with my itchy, flaky scalp. Great small company to keep an eye on, in my opinion.

Have you tried any of these? What are your winter essentials?

 Some of these products may have been sent to me for a review. See disclaimer.

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