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Smooth Skin in a Tube.

I have to admit. I’ve never been a big manual exfoliation cream, lotion and potion fan. I have always preferred to use chemical exfoliators instead, like the Nude one (reviewed here). However, recently I’ve become really lazy and forgetful with regular exfoliation, and it really started to show up on my skin. It became dull and grey, and all the fantastic facial products I was using basically stopped working.
While shopping for my favourite products recently on Pai’s website, one product really caught my attention. It was their Kukui & Jojoba Bead Skin Brightening Exfoliator. I’ve known about it ever since it launched but somehow I just never got myself to try it out as I was a chemical peel die hard fan. However, after reading more about it, and loving Pai since 2009 when I switched to green beauty products, I had to give it a try. I couldn’t wait for it to arrive. Oh, the thrill of trying out new products.
Once it came, I ran to my bathroom to test it out. Let me just tell you, I was blown away by the results. Super smooth skin and no dryness, which has always been the biggest problem with manual exfoliators for me. My skin actually felt really soft and moisturised.

The product itself has an interesting concept. It looks like a gel but has more of a balmy texture. You apply it to dry skin, wet your fingers, massage your skin gently for a while (it turns into a milk) and rinse off.
It contains Kukui, Almond, Avocado and Apricot Oils, and Jojoba Beads which not only have perfect cylindrical shape, which makes them really gentle even on the most sensitive skin types (even my mum with her rosacea skin had no reaction to it), but are also eco-friendly as they dissolve in water unlike the plastic beads that are usually used by other commercial brands.

I will definitely repurchase once I run out of it. I can tell it won’t be anytime soon as you really need a very small amount and you use it once to twice a week. I’ve never thought I would say it, but I’m a manual exfoliation convert. At least when it comes to this specific product and its formula.

Have you tried it before?

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