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Walden Perfumes – Perfect Summer Companions.

Walden Perfumes A Different DrummerI have always had a big love for perfumes. Along with music they can really bring back memories. Both good and bad. The thing is, ever since I stopped using conventional cosmetics, I also had to stop using synthetic fragrances. Especially that they would often give me a massive headache anyway. However, back in 2009 natural perfumes were nowhere to be found. Continue Reading

Beauty Bodycare

That One Natural Deodorant Duo That Actually Works.

natural deodorantI guess we can officially say that it’s summer. Long, warm days is something I really love and enjoy. But give me anything above 25 degrees and I begin to melt like an ice lolly. My extremely pale body really can’t handle hot weather. What’s even worse is that I turn into a complete Sweaty Betty and it’s not pretty. We are talking sweat appearing on every inch of my body. I will spare you the details. Continue Reading

Beauty Skincare

Whamisa – the Korean Skincare Brand Everyone is Talking About.

whamisa organic korean beautyI have to admit that I am a skincare addict. While I can really downsize on other things, like make-up and hair products, I seem to be really obsessed when it comes to discovering new skincare products. Although, I have to say that I always try to use up any current skincare products before I purchase anything new. It’s all about sustainability and I just like to practice what I preach. Continue Reading

Beauty Make-up

Organic Beauty On a Budget #4: Avril Organic Make-Up.

organic beauty on a budgetWhile there are many high-end, luxury brands being promoted all over the place recently I thought it was the right time to share another installment of my very popular series about organic beauty on a budget. Finding great organic beauty products which don’t break the bank and also perform is not as hard as some may think. After my latest post about sustainability I want to show that anyone can make even a small change towards a more eco-friendly life. Today’s post is going to focus on one brand only, Avril Organic. Continue Reading