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Organic Beauty On a Budget #4: Avril Organic Make-Up.

organic beauty on a budgetWhile there are many high-end, luxury brands being promoted all over the place recently I thought it was the right time to share another installment of my very popular series about organic beauty on a budget. Finding great organic beauty products which don’t break the bank and also perform is not as hard as some may think. After my latest post about sustainability I want to show that anyone can make even a small change towards a more eco-friendly life. Today’s post is going to focus on one brand only, Avril Organic. Continue Reading


Let’s Talk About Sustainability.

sustainable lifeI have been thinking about sustainability a lot lately. It’s been a topic close to my heart for a very long time and I thought it was the right time to talk about it on my blog. When I created my blog it was supposed to serve people, inform everyone about why organic beauty products are better not just for us but also for the environment. Nowadays, I even expand that beyond the beauty topic, as it also includes fashion. Continue Reading

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February Favourites.

february favouritesI have a feeling as if I just wrote about my January favourites and here we are again with another monthly favourites. Once more I want to say how glad I am that this month is over, however at the same time I don’t like wishing time away. I just can’t wait for spring, okay? Continue Reading

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Minimalist Everyday Make-up Staples.

everyday makeup

In the recent years I became a true minimalist when it comes to make-up. I like to have a fresh looking face, defined eyebrows, natural looking lashes and a little bit of eyeliner sometimes. It’s funny how much of a difference a little bit of makeup can do. Not only does it make me look put together, but it also helps me feels better and be more inspired. Continue Reading

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January Favourites.

january favoritesCan we just pause for a moment and be thankful for January to be over? Let’s just all have a virtual drink for that. I just couldn’t be happier that we are one month closer to Spring!

January was a weird and tough month for me. It feels like every single January is like that for me. I had a good share of ups and downs, but I’m hoping that with the new month and longer days I can wave those bad moments away. I always feel so much better and more motivated in February than I do in January. Continue Reading