January Blues Survival Kit.

january blues

I’ve been pretty quiet in the blogging department for a while, but I decided to make 2017 my year. Getting back to blogging is probably one of my only resolutions as I’m not a big fan of those anyway. But just like many other humans at this time of year I tend to get January blues. For me it isn’t even just the Blue Monday. I can just go through the entire month feeling useless and completely exhausted. I also sometimes feel pretty overwhelmed when I scroll through social media. I start comparing my life to others thinking their life must be perfect and I end up in a really dark place. So in order to survive this dark month, which is thankfully coming to an end anyway, I created a little January Blues survival kit list.

01. How To Hygge by Signe Johansen.

I found out about the concept of hygge many years ago through the lovely Sarah Britton of My New Roots blog while searching for banana bread recipe. It’s a really delicious banana bread by the way. She explained that the word “hygge” cannot be translated directly into English as such word only exists in Danish. It roughly translates into the art of cosiness. Hygge gained a lot of publicity in 2016 and I feel like it’s only going to expand more this year. Which is great because it’s such a fantastic concept. Currently there are many books on hygge, but this one has to be my favourite one. I am familiar with Signe Johansen as I have one of her previous books, Scandilicious. In How To Hygge she tells us what it actually means and how to apply hygge into our everyday lives, no matter where we live. She explains that hygge is not only about the pretty, cosy materialistic things, like candles but that it’s also about spending time outdoors and having fun with the loved ones. She also includes many delicious recipes, both indulgent and healthy. Make sure not to go through the recipes before bedtime, though. They can easily make your belly rumble.

02. Beauty By Earth Bath Bomb Gift Set.

I have to admit that I’ve never been a bath girl. I just always preferred taking a quick hot shower, which is actually also more eco-friendly than a bathtub filled with water. However, this winter I decided to take a plunge and see what’s all the fuss about when it comes to baths. After purchasing these lovely, organic bath bombs I have to say that I’m a convert. These bath bombs are fantastic! They not only smell amazing, but they also make your skin feel soft. I love having a relaxing bath now every now and then (I’m still the same eco-friendly gal), with a book in hand. It makes me so happy and relaxed.

03. P.F. Candle Co. candles.

There is nothing better than lighting a candle on a cold winter night. It always brings the feeling of bliss and contentment. I used to be a candle hoarder but now I try to limit myself to only one or two candles once I run out of others. It’s not easy but it’s better this way. Especially for my bank balance. I currently own two candles by P.F. Candle Co. – Spiced Pumpkin and Campfire. They are magnificent! The Spiced Pumpkin one is a very sweet and indulgent candle. Perfect for those evenings when you crave something sweet minus the calories. The Campfire candle immediately takes you on a trip to the forest with the smell of smoke and pines. Makes you feel so warm and cosy. They are both limited autumn/winter edition and are currently on sale so grab them while you still can!

04. Beauty Brews Poise Tea.

I’m pretty sure I have already mentioned this but let me say it one more time — I love tea. I just can’t live without it. I don’t really care about coffee to be honest, but tea is my one true love. It always uplifts me no matter what. That’s why I was pleasantly surprised to see Beauty Brews Poise Tea in LoveLula’s December Beauty Box. Beauty Brews make some delicious organic herbal teas, which is great because I mainly drink caffeine free herbal teas anyway. Poise Tea is a rooibos based tea infused with uplifting ginger, sweet apple and strawberry bits, and cinnamon. Brings back memories of warm sunny days; sitting in a sun lounger and soaking up the sun rays. I’m sure it will make a delicious ice tea during summer as well!

05.Vitamin D3 supplement.

During autumn and winter months most people who live in the northern hemisphere are deficient in Vitamin D due to the lack of sun. At the same time it’s really difficult to get the right amount of it just by eating a healthy, balanced diet. That’s why Vitamin D supplementation is so important. I can’t even tell you how much better I feel this winter when I started taking Vitamin D3 supplement. Especially when compared to last year when I wasn’t taking any. I’m more focused, I sleep better and it definitely improved my mood. I used to take it in the pill form at the beginning but I have to say that this Garden of Life mykind Organics Vitamin D3 Spray has to be my favourite. I’ve also heard that Vitamin D actually absorbs better in a spray form. Currently ran out of it so I definitely need to repurchase it ASAP. Before taking any Vitamin D supplement make sure to have your levels tested first, in order not to overdose it.

What are your strategies to beat the January blues?

Some of these products may have been sent to me for a review. See disclaimer.

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