The Perfect Autumn Nail Polish

When it comes to nail polishes I don’t really wear them that often. Apart from summer when I can’t imagine going bare on my toes (yikes!). However, I do like a nice, classic mani every now and then. I find that autumn and winter is when I have my nails painted quite often.

For me painted nails look really sophisticated in the autumn/winter time. I basically use only probably two shades — neutrals and reds. They make me feel so feminine. I just love classic manis, no crazy nail art for me.

This time I reached for a very, very deep, almost black-looking, burgundy shade from the one and only Kure Bazaar in shade Scandal (£14.95). It’s one of those shades that looks like a deep red wine with one coat, but with two coats turns almost black, especially in dim light. Nevertheless, it’s such a great, chic colour, perfect for this time of year and goes well with virtually any outfit and make-up.
Also, I find that when it comes to this particular shade, two coats are sufficient, as opposed to some other Kure Bazaar nail polishes where you need more than two layers to get the desired effect.

Also, I reckon this shade will look great with accent colour on the ring finger. I’m thinking this number from Zoya that I own will look magical paired with Kure Bazaar’s Scandal colour. I will be definitely sporting this combo this Christmas. Gold glitter on ring finger — that’s how far I can go in the nail art department. I’m so adventurous.

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