The Colour of Love

Valentine’s Day. A holiday I don’t really celebrate as I find that you can show your love and affection to those you care about any day, not just on this one random day in February. Although, whether you celebrate it or not, I think it’s a great occasion to add something red to your outfit or make-up.

First up in my selection is RMS Beauty Lips2Cheek (£28) in Rapture. It doesn’t look so great in the pot, but once applied to lips or cheeks, it turns into a gorgeous, rich brick red colour. It looks amazing both on lips and cheeks. Here is a little tip, if you’re pale like me and you want to have beautiful sun-kissed skin that doesn’t make you look like Oompa Loompa, apply it on high points of your face where sun naturally hits and voilà, the most natural looking tan ever. You will get tons of compliments, trust me. It will also look great on darker skin tones.

Next, Butter London Nail Lacquer (£10.75) in Come To Bed Red. What can I say, it’s the most perfect and sexy, blue-toned red nail polish and my ultimate favourite. Perfect for any occasion and with any outfit. Lasts a good couple of days without chipping. I use it all year round and I would say it’s the most often used nail polish I own.

Another red item worth mentioning is Ilia Beauty Organic Lipstick (£22) in Femme Fatale. This beauty is more of a burgundy/berry red which results in very seductive lips. Looks beautiful blended in with fingers or mixed with lips balm to create a subtle tint, if you’re not a fan of intense red lips.

If you don’t fancy wearing red in general, there is always a very sexy perfume with letters being the only red thing about it. If you love coconut like I do (I add coconut to almost everything, I add it to my smoothies, I fry on coconut oil, and soon will probably dream of it too), then you will love this number from Pacifica (£12). I don’t know about you but even its name, Indian Coconut Nectar, sounds delicious to me! I think that coconut scent is very sexy and I know guys find it sexy too. At least my boyfriend does. You can get Pacifica range from lucyrose.biz and lovelula.com

In case you do celebrate Valentine’s Day — Happy Valentine’s Day!

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