We all love a good face mask, don’t we? A mask that transforms our skin into perfect, glowing canvas. However, on a daily basis we just don’t have time to be bothered with slathering on a 20-minute face mask. We are also scared that our postman can come at the time we walk around the house with a mud on our faces.

Almost 2 years ago I discovered NUDE Miracle Mask and it was this perfect type of face mask. Gel-like texture and only 5 minutes of your time required to let it work its magic. It contained milk AHAs and mandarin extract which exfoliated the skin and red gingseng which stimulated circulation. I generally don’t like physical exfoliants, I prefer chemical ones instead, so this seemed like the perfect exfoliator for me. It was always giving me such a smooth and soft skin. What I didn’t like about it was its price and size. It was only 40ml of product for £38! I was running out of it pretty quick so I just stopped using it on a regular basis. Then, a miracle happened! They increased its size to 75ml! For the same price! I was a bit skeptical though as they reformulated it as well. I decided to give it a go, though. The reformulated version has a different, but very pleasent scent of jasmine and ylang ylang, and also little rice beads, which I thought I wouldn’t like since I am not a fan of physical exfoliants. However, they are so small you can barely feel them and they definitely don’t scratch my skin at all. It contains natural glycolic acid which is basically the substitute for milk AHAs in the previous version of this mask. You massage it in and leave it on for 5 minutes. I’ve never thought I would say it but I like this reformulated version better. It gives me such a nice, glowing, and smooth skin like never before. Everything I put on my face afterwards is absorbed instantly, and my skin stays soft and supple for many days. I also like the new packaging more. Not only it has a nicer colour and is more handy, but you can also feel and see how much is left. Since it’s a tube you can always cut it in half and scoop out the remains. My number #1 face mask. 

You can get it from beingcontent.com or lovelula.com

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