Affordable Organic Beauty Must-Haves

Affordable Organic Beauty Must-Haves
Here is a little list of affordable organic beauty products that really DO work and which I highly recommend for every day use.
you can see it’s dominated by Weleda’s products. That’s because they
are really amazing and I use them every day myself. They are really
affordable and 100% natural which is another amazing thing about Weleda.
Cheap and natural? Yes, please!

It gives a nice tint to lips and has a really pleasant scent.
 Absolutely loving the scent of it and the way it feels on my hands. It’s thick so great for winter months! Beeswax in it creates a protective layer on skin.
Amazing for any dry and rough patches on skin. Makes a great hand and foot cream too!
Made for babies but used by many grown-ups. Very moisturising for both skin and hair. 
Has a cooling effect, thus making feet feel light and less tired and deifinitely soft.

  What are your favorite affordable organic beauty products? I would definitely love to know 🙂

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