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Hey everyone,

My name is Yvonne and for a start I wanted to write what are the reasons of me creating this blog and what I would want to write about here.
As the name of my blog says, I will be writing about organic beauty and everything related to it, as well as all the new things I learn about almost every single day. When it comes to the topic “organic beauty”, things I want to write about here are stories from my life when organic beauty products saved my, or somebody else’s life (or at least skin), and product reviews. Products that make my skin and hair look like they had never looked before. I often discover new products or product lines that I fall in love with instantly, and I would like to share my thoughts about them with you guys as I know that many times when it comes to organic beauty products there aren’t many (HONEST!) reviews available.

But what I mostly want to do here is to make everyone more aware of the chemical compounds in cosmetics and what a difference organic and natural cosmetics made, and continue to make, in my and other people’s lives.

In the next couple of weeks I will share with you my story of how I became aware of the toxic ingredients in cosmetics and how I started researching products and their ingredients.

When it comes to makeup I’m still waiting for great and long-lasting organic or at least all-natural makeup products. However, I’m sure that this great trend of going green will become more and more popular (and profitable), and makeup products will eventually become more natural. There are natural makeup products I love and use, though, and I will make sure to share my love for them with you guys.

I hope you will enjoy my blog 🙂


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